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Window Cleaning Franchise

The window cleaning industry is one of the best businesses to get into. With low start up costs and low overhead, you can build something great with a little hustle, training and the right tools. The drawback of the industry is there can be a lot of individuals that undercut your prices without proper licensing and insurance.

Franchises can add a lot of value to businesses. Restaurant franchises are often very successful because they solve major problems in the restaurant industry. Providing help with marketing, hiring, training, software, menu development, research and supplies in that industry are incredibly valuable. That doesn't even include the brand recognition you get the day you open. Locations are often strategically picked out and developed for success. The window cleaning industry doesn't really have those problems.

If you're seriously considering a window cleaning franchise, consider if it solves your problems. Will the brand recognition be enough, considering it's new to your region? It's not difficult to order supplies, get a CRM, hire a marketing company, create a brand, etc. It is difficult to hire, train, develop processes, and build a reputation. Franchises add significant costs to the startup and they require ongoing fees that siphon money out of operations. The origination costs and cashflow could be spent on better equipment, supplies, marketing, and more. On top of that every jurisdiction have different requirement and regulations when it comes to training, licenses, and insurance. Can your franchise solve all of this? If yes, is it worth the cost and relationship?

If you're really considering this, weigh your options on what problems this will solve. Believe in yourself and choose your investments wisely. I built specifically so individuals can train techs and get them working on the field while they build a business. You know what's best for you so get out there and make it happen.


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