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Safety Culture in Window Cleaning

Let’s be honest…safety meetings aren’t very exciting.

However, regular safety meetings can contribute to building a safety culture in your business. Having a safety culture means fostering a workplace where there is regular and ongoing communication in regards to safety, which gives everyone the opportunity to share lessons and best practices.

When safety is regularly discussed and invested in, it’s viewed as a priority and your employees will know that you care about their wellbeing on the job. Lack of safety training and discussion can send a negative message to your employees.

Safety meetings are a chance to introduce employees to new information, as well as review previously taught practices that may have been forgotten. The more aware employees are of potential danger and proper safe practices, the more likely they are to avoid a preventable incident.

It's imperative that your team understands that each individual is not only responsible for their own safety, but for each other, as well as your customers.

We are proud to offer over 35 safety meetings. These can be quick tailgate meetings during a lunch break, with topics like worker fatigue or working in heat. Or they can be topics to discuss at more length before large projects, with topics like lockout tagout (LOTO) or fall protection.


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