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My name is Jake, I've been in the window cleaning and exterior cleaning maintenance business for over 12 years. I spent my first couple years learning the trade, got my CA D-63  contractors license and then went on and started my own company in 2012. After 8 years I changed careers and ended up selling the company to a local competitor. My greatest challenge was finding good employees to help with the workload. I would repeatedly hire and train, which consumed a significant amount of time away from other important work. This work can be seasonal so it was imperative to be able to bring new hires up to speed immediately. This is when I started When I realized how useful this was to my business, I figured others could use this too. How can I bundle up over ten years of experience for someone new to the trade? 

I came up with the idea to break down the training into different learning modules. The information you'll find in the platform is universal across the industry. I call these universal truths. The argument for what soap is best, which rubber type, or WFP VS. Traditional will never end. I found each job to be unique and different methods, equipment, and resources were right for that job. And that's what turns this from a job to an art. Understanding how windows work, how your tools work, and different options give you the best opportunity to get the job done right and safely. Modules are packed with graphics, writing, videos, pictures, and a comprehension test at the end. 

I didn't stop with modules. The site offers dozens of forms to document processes and procedures in your company. There are also infographics and even design toolkits to use with your training and marketing, under our terms and conditions. Need weekly safety meetings? Done. We've got over 30 meetings to choose from, ready to help you start your week with safety on your mind. 


If you're new to the industry, or you need help training new employees, this site will help you.  We'll give you the universal truths, while still giving you the opportunity to create your company standard operating procedures. 

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Training systems so good you're proud to tell your customers. Download your stamp inside. 

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